How to Become a Member?

  1. On the top menu bar, click REGISTER
  2. Sign up, it’s a one-screener.
  3. That’s it! You’re a Regular Member. Welcome to GHU!

You also need to create an account to purchase/sell GUSD. Go to or any other site that accepts GUSD. Follow their instructions to create an account and you are ready to go.

Regular Membership versus Turbo Membership?

Both memberships allow you to buy products from GHU and to sell your GEC in the GEC Market. As a Regular Member you can mine up to 10 GEC per day. Turbo Members pay an annual fee of USD 1,000 and they get to mine up to 15 GEC per day. They also unlock access to GHU’s crowdfunding module. Crowdfunding products entitles Turbo Members to Product Tokens, which are a proof of ownership of all future profit from the sales of a product. Product Tokens pay monthly profit dividends in GUSD.

What information do you need from me?

We will be conducting business, so we need a valid mobile number and email in order to do transactions and to communicate. However, most of the communication is done through your dashboard.

Show me the Privacy, Terms & Agreement

GHU is GDPR compliant.

Check out our Privacy Policy here

Check out our Terms & Conditions here

Check out our Terms of Service here

GHU versus Other Ecommerce Platforms?

We are a decentralized, shared ecommerce platform. This means we connect manufacturers directly to retailers, offering the best price in the market. We also conduct a quality control inspection at our warehouses—this sets us apart from other platforms.

We also reward our community of manufacturers, designers, recruiters, retailers and buyers with GEC Tokens for every purchase they make. GEC owners enjoy quarterly rewards in GUSD. These rewards depend on the performance of the GHU platform as a whole, so, we’re giving 50% of our profit to those who help us grow. Our mission is to benefit our community from day one.

What kind of products can I find in GHU?

GHU offers only best-selling products. That can be gadgets, home & garden, cosmetics, toys, basic household goods and anything that literally sells millions of units. If it’s a product that is selling like crazy, we’ve got it. If we don’t have it, contact support and we’ll make sure we make it available in the wink of an eye.

GHU is a firm believer in multilateral trade. We welcome suppliers from all over the world. If your product is a best-seller, we’ll help you reach the entire world.

How Can I Pay in GHU?

We are rolling out a myriad of payment solutions to cover all regions of the world and customer preferences. You can use all major credit cards and electronic payment methods, as well as GUSD and GEC in some cases.

Does GHU Really Ship Worldwide?

Yes. We ship directly from our warehouses to anywhere in the world. However, please notice that different countries have different regulation for different kinds of products. So, we might have a product, but you cannot buy it in your country.

You don’t need to worry about this, because we will display only products that are available in your country.

What’s GHU’s Return and Refund Policy?

We do NOT make any refunds. Any purchase in GHU triggers a simultaneous blockchain transaction that transfers GEC to your wallet. That cannot be reversed, and we will not be generating new transactions to refund GEC.

However, we do take quality seriously, and so should you. The growth of our platform ultimately depends on customer satisfaction. If a product is damaged upon delivery, ship the product back to us and we will send a new product.

NOTE: some people think the shipment costs are too expensive and it is not worth it to send back a damaged product. We believe it is important because it sends the messenger that we take quality seriously, but we are not going to tolerate customers who claim products are broken. These scams end up hurting the customers who make reasonable claims.

What’s GEC?

GEC is GHU’s mechanism to reward its community. There are 1 billion GEC, non-dilutable. GHU is giving 50% of the GEC reserves for the community to mine. GEC can go up in value, like any token or asset; and it can also go down. Being at the start line, early miners are likely to reap incredible profits from the surge of GEC.

GEC is likely to have a strong value because it pays quarterly rewards in GUSD (Gemini Dollar).

How to mine GEC?

Simple: place orders from

We give you 30% of your order in GEC. Every day, Regular Members can mine up to 10 GEC. Turbo Members can mine up to 15 GEC daily.

What rewards do I get as a GEC owner?

Every quarter, GEC owners enjoy rewards in GUSD. These rewards are GHU’s profit going back to the community. We believe in rewarding those who make the platform grow, and we are inviting people from all over the world to form a profitable, decentralized, long-term cooperation.

What is GUSD / Gemini Dollar?

Gemini Dollar is a stable cryptocurrency regulated by the US government. It is pegged to the dollar (with a slight deviation, nothing important), so every GUSD is backed by a USD. This makes Gemini Dollar a coin that will not surprise you with depreciations; ideal for international trade.

Can I sell My GECs?

Yes. You cash out any time in our GEC Market. You will be able to get GUSD, at the current market GEC price.

Where can I buy Gemini Dollars? is the place to go. Huobi is the leader in digital asset trading and asset management services; it has millions of users in over 130 countries. While it’s not the only place where you can get GUSD, we recommend Huobi because it works worldwide, so it’s easier for us to recommend to ALL our users.

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