ThreeBenefits introduction

Enjoy Turbo member discounted prices—even lower than Regular member prices

Turbo members unlock multiple ways to earn GEC points on their spare time by offering services to the community

Turbo members make profits by crowdfunding large orders that are then sold on the GHU platform. Turbo members invest in products and own the stock collectively. They enjoy monthly profit payments

GHU Memberships Comparison
【 Regular Member 】 Member 】
Annual Fee None 1000USD
Purchasing price Wholesale price Turbo crowdfunding price
(average 15% lower than Regular member price)
Getting GEC points by purchasing on Maximum 10 GECs per day Maximum 15 GECs per day
More ways to earn GEC points None Purchases of referred friends & offer services to the community

What are GEC Points?

GEC points are our way to give back to the community that makes us flourish. GEC points give you the right to enjoy cash back rewards based on the performance of the GHU platform. Rewards are paid every hour to GEC holders! Member get GEC points by buying from, from purchases of referred friends and by offering services to the community. For more details. please refer to our Terms of Service